Lentinula edodes




Nutritive Value

Shiitake - Lentinula edodes is a mushroom from the Far East, with excellent refined and rich flavor, high in protein, vitamins, amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals.
Shiitake - Lentinula edodes has great nutritive value, few calories and almost no fat.
Medical effects reflected in anticancer and antivirus effects are due to polysaccharides.
Lentinanot initiated the establishment of Interferon; (substances with antiviral activity) and activation of T-Killer "and T-Helper cells of the thyroid gland.
As a result of aminoacic called "Eritadine" Shiiteka mushroom has antilipid effect.



National Cancer Center in Tokyo showed that daily use of Shiitake, shows rate of braking tumour from 80.7% to completely withdraw, in 6 of 10 cases. Shiitaketo act through activation of a whole range of immunological reactions in the body. Act not only on primary tumours but halts development of metastases. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy in combination with Shiitake improves treatment, increases physical endurance, improves appetite and general condition of the body.



Before a viral infection using Shiitake means powerful preventive care, and when infection is emerged, healing is much faster and more efficiently. Acts of viruses, influenza, hepatitis - of all types. Especially improves the clinical picture of people suffering from hepatitis B, but strengthening the immune system produces results in combating the virus hepatitis C and D. Especially important is the ingredient (LEM), besides contributing to the destruction of viruses, but renovate the bone marrow.



Official investigations have shown that daily consumption of 6-10 gr. dehydrated Shiitake for 10 days reduces the level (LDL) cholesterol by 10-15% and even the total lipoproteins in serum (as a result of the influence of amino ERITADINE-component of Shiitake). Interesting data from two surveys which show that the consumption of fatty foods combined with Shiitake, holestsrolot in the blood declined to incredible 18%. Shiitake produce and "Fat apsorbing" components that help reduce weight, improve blood picture, reduce high blood pressure, a positive act of potential, increase immunity, increase elasticity of blood vessels, prevent agregacijata blood cells and increases the supply of the brain and heart with blood.