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Shiitake - Lentinula edodes is a mushroom from the Far East, with excellent refined and rich flavor, high in protein, vitamins, amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals.

It has great nutritive value, few calories and almost no fat. Medical effects reflected in anticancer and antiviral effects are due to polysaccharides.

Lentinanot initiated the establishment of Interferon; (substances with antiviral activity) and activation of T-Killer and T-Helper cells of the thyroid gland.

As a result of aminoacic called "Eritadine" Shiitake mushroom has antilipid effect.



Shiitake mushroom has an origin from Japan where has been grown for two millennia.

It is known as the King Mushroom, because this mushroom was a part of food table of Emperor i Kyoto, and was a part Samuraii's food.

The oldest record of experience in traditional Japanese medicine originated from the year 133 BC when Japanese Emperor Chuai received shiitake as a gift from one aborigine tribe.

Helps metabolism to regulate fats, improving blood test amd circulation of blood

Fact #1

Increases immunity with increased discharge of toxins from the body

Fact #2

Strenghtens the organism after surgical interventions, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Fact #3


A special story is its preparation, it is eaten - fresh, boiled, baked, fried, stewed, fried, dried (grinded). It is prepared like other mushrooms, only a smaller amount is used (120-150 g for 4 people).

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